Getting started with BeaglePocket

I honestly can’t figure out from the documentation how I can make use of this board.
My “issues” are:

  1. Can’t transfer files to it from my pc - the drive shown on windows is non-writeable (the Linux filesystem shown on the browser isn’t even reachable from my desktop)
  2. Can work on it only through the Dome9 webpage (which doesn’t support copy/paste)
  3. Can’t connect to the internet without extra hardware

Anything I can do about it?

Hi @Idan_B with the default images, the PocketBeagle will come up as usb Ethernet device… You can transfer files over ssh…

Depending on the host you plugged it into, enable Internet connection sharing… (this procedure varies between, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc…)

After you bridge the network, your PocketBeagle can access the external network…


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