Getting started with PRU (Trying to find examples)

There are a lot of examples for PRU in the web, but most of them don’t work correctly with latest images .

Most occuring problem - setting up tree overlay for pru.

Are there any examples or tutorials , which would work with 4.14 kernel , Debian 9.5 2018-08-30?

Thread is here:!category-topic/beagleboard/i9O-Pq_UlS8


I had the same problem last year so I created this small documentation:
It should work, if not, do not hesitate to tell me!


Sadly, ti changed the remoteproc driver in v4.14.x so a few ^ things
need to be changed..


Dear Robert Nelson,

Thanks for the info, I’ll work on this to maintain the doc so its up to date.

Best thing, just make a note, "currently, this is for v4.9.x-ti

ps, TI's broken compatibly on every version so far. :wink:


Ok, will do!

That was also my felling… do you know why they keep breaking it ? That’s quite annoying …