Getting the load address(.text) of kernel module on beagle bone.

I want to get the load address of kernel module on Beagle bone board running Linux. This load address is required for remote debugging of kernel module over KGDB interface.

The Makefile for building the kernel module is given below.

export ARCH=arm
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm_compiler_path
obj-m += test_module.o
test_module-objs := kmodule.o
    make -C $(KSOURCE_DIR) M=$(PWD) modules
    make -C $(KSOURCE_DIR) M=$(PWD) clean

The kernel module compiles fine and is successfully insmod on beaglebone.

The /sys/module/test_module/sections/ shows the following:


Which one of the above should be used for getting the load address(.text) address of the kernel module.