gingerbread shell prompt going away immediately after boot

I'm following the directions found at

the writing of the card went flawlessly and i have a serial console
running as per the directions from my ubuntu 12.04 host and minicom.
I can see the boot messages scroll past on ttyUSB0 as the bone
boots gingerbread. After the boot messages end for A brief second
I see what looks like a #shell prompt which immediately goes away to
quickly to enter any commands. how can I get a shell so I can get vnc
running. Even better, how can I get this build to use the dvi cape
ttto drive my dvi display in a mode it likes and just use that?



ok, figured out where the shell prompt went. the adb debugger
automaticly started and took over the serial porrrt. how can i kill
the adb debugger on the bone?