GLShim, SGX video and Minecraft

So, in my never ending quest for a portable rig of the latest and most functional version of Minecraft, I came across a bit of a project from lunixbochs and ptitseb, called GLshhim. OpenGL calls can be translated to GLES2 through an obscure magic, and by compiling a patched version of LWJGL with GL1.3 & 1.4 disabled, they managed to get Minecraft 1.7.9 to run on an openpandora. So far, attempting to emulate this on a Stock Raspberry Pi have been futile and somewhat crashy for Java, but with the direct line to the graphics and kernel we have through the SGX Graphics project, I was wondering if it would be possible for the Beagle to make a more better image run faster, since we're already paying around with graphic calls, and we have more better hardware to work with.

Yes, keep us updated on your progress.
Stable MC would be great on BBB