Google doc for each application?


On the google mentors ml someone suggested that every student should create a google doc with his/her application so mentors can all include their feedback in the document to make it easier for the student to amend it. Should we do that for beagle gsoc as well?



I am fine reviewing them online. The only format comment I have is I would prefer to see the content first, and the contact info and qualifications at the end. But it may be too late to ask for that change to the template.


I don't think we can change the template at this point.

Following the application deadline, I believe we can still work with
the students to sharpen up their applications. That might be the
right point to pull them all into Google Docs and I can do that for
all of the students and paste them back when we are ready for our
final reviews. We could coordinate the switch-over all at one time so
that students aren't losing their updates.

For now, please keep updates directly in the Melange/GSOC web