google map in Angstrom os on beagle board


Iam doing my project on beagle board ,i have to show Google map on the
beagle board and pointer should appear on the map (means it should
point out gps receiver exactly ) .can any one help me
it must come in angstrom os

If you can switch to OpenStreetMap, the following example might be
interesting for you:

It depends on SDL and CURL libraries which AFAIK are available on
Angstrom. I was using OpenGL for visualization and not sure whether it
will work unmodified on BB. I am not familiar with OpenGL ES
(available for BB) so can not say for sure. However, visualization
part is well decoupled from the rest of the application, so it should
be very easy to replaced it for example just with SDL calls to
visualize the ready to use bitmap built by the application (built out
of map tiles downloaded from the OSM).