Google Summer of Code 2010 is On......

Anyone interested in trying to coordinate entries in
the Google Summer of Code 2010?

According to the message forwarded below [11], the application period
starts March 8th. We have our collection of ideas from last year [4]
and several sponsored projects [5]. I'm sure TI would cough up boards
for any successful entries. Philip (Crofton on IRC) completed the
application [6] and gathered feedback from the Google team last year

lh -> Crofton|work: ideas list needs beefing up, not much description
for a bunch of these, needs links to further documentation
Crofton>work -> lh: anything else?
lh -> Crofton|work: seemed a bit niche to us as well, but that
shouldn't stop you from reapplying.
Crofton>work -> lh: I was worried we were a bit broad :slight_smile:
Crofton>work -> lh: thanks
jkridner>work -> lh: is project visibility, concept, participation
good if ideas list was more fleshed out?
lh -> jkridner|work: that's tougher. we don't have unlimited funds, so
it's hard to say. we have accepted niche projects before for various
reasons, i can't say for sure right now, brain is kinda toast. can we
take up later this week please?
jkridner>work -> lh: thats fine. thanks for this feedback and we'll
look for more when you are fresher. :slight_smile:
lh-> jkridner|work: awesome, thank you.

An example of the git GSoC entries [10] was given as a model to
follow. I'm not aware of any additional follow-up done with the
Google team, but I think we have a direction to go for this year's
application. I'm also pretty sure I can dig up some TI sponsors for

Any takers? Philip?


Anyone interested in trying to coordinate entries in
the Google Summer of Code 2010?

I'm going to be swamped between now and then.

The keys for this are focus on code and I would also highlight
successful community mentoring efforts to date. I know that some
community members have helped produce good results with students. The
GSoC will receive far more applications than they can accept. I
believe the keys to getting into the program will be an excellent idea
list and showing the community is in place to provide support.