"gp_timer" occupying irq 16

Dear group members,

I just recently upgraded my old 3.8 kernel to 4.x and discovered that there is now a “gp_timer” driver (arch/arm/mach-omap2/timer.c) that registers a handler for IRQ 16 with IRQF_TIMER and IRQF_IRQPOLL (making it non-shareable).
I unfortunately need to use IRQ 16 (ADC_TSC_GENINT) for a custom ADC driver and am currently blocked because of this.

So my question is if there any way to configure the kernel to use an alternative timer or possibly remap the interrupt?

It appears that the timer code is handling non-documented (proprietary?) features of the SoC and without details about the timer subsystem it is difficult to assess whether remapping is even possible.
In either case my definite preference would be to make a configuration change as opposed to changing driver/kernel code.

I am not dependent on any high resolution timer or any real time features of linux, so using a less precise timer would be perfectly fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!