GPIO Control of servo pins

Is it possible to reconfigure the pinmux to get GPIO control of some/all pins on the BBB’s servo header? How would I go about doing this?

WHICH Beagle? "BBB" is the standard abbreviation for the BeagleBone
Black -- and that model does not have "servo header". Did you mean the
Blue? (Which I'd probably shorten to BBBl <- note the added l, or BBBu
[just because Black and Blue both have an l]).

  Servos are normally PWM outputs. Can you determine which pins are
currently configured for PWM (the show-pins script may be useful [hope I
have the name correct, I'm not going to boot a BBB to peruse the file
system]). If you find 8 pins as PWM, config-pin may be able to redefine
them as plain GPIO.

  I'm presuming they are direct pins, and not some extra chip that takes,
say, I2C commands to set a dedicated 8-port PWM...

Sorry, the web UI made me think I was posting in a BeagleBone Blue specific subforum but it seems like all posts actually just get thrown into one big bucket with subtle tags.

I have a Beaglebone Blue. I’m talking about the eight dedicated servo pins that the default pinmux configuration binds to pru0 r30.