GPIO , event

Hi all;

        We are Running Angstrom on the BeagleBoard. And we want make a
program to trigger an application when GPIO button pressed. Angstrom
generates /sys/class/gpio/gpio134/value file when we initialize the
system. So we want to watch this file. We use inotify. This api
provides event handling mechanism
with select() and poll() fuction interface.

         sys file system is not regular system. The value changing
when button pressed but inotify unable the nofity it.When we force to
write with
$echo 1 > value
It is working and notifing there is write call. But when we press
button nothing happens where there is actually there is change in the
value in the file.

         Is there any way to get rid of this problem or do we have to
write a device driver for GPIO event trigger system ?