GPIO export in Ubuntu 13.10

Hi All,

Ubuntu: Saucy 10.10

I am trying to export the GPIO’s on the P9 header.

For what I have read it looks like we need a Device Tree file that can do this.

Does anyone have any experience that could provide some help or dts for the BB-Mx?

And once exported are we still able to control the pins via the file system (/sys/class/gpio/…)?

A good reference for the BBB:


Hi All,

It seem that the xM is proving a little hard to get the gpio’s going on the P9 so I’m switching to the BBB which seem to have a number of pins exported by default and should provide for better out of the box experience.

I would just like to add a special thanks to the Beagle team for some great hardware and I look forward to trying the BBB when it arrives.