GPIO output


I have enabled GPIO output(P8-3) pin. i would given output value is HIGH (/sys/class/gpio/gpio38). than i am checking using multi-meter the value is showing 3.3v. after that i am changing output value is LOW , than i again checked but it not showing 0. its showing 3.3v. can you solve this problem anybody. Thank you.

That pin is clamed by MMC1_DAT6, have you disabled MMC1?

I would like to know more about the software installed on your BeagleBone.

Please paste the output of these commands:

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/

cat /boot/uEnv.txt | grep -v ^#

And these command will show the state of pin P8.03:

config-pin -q P8.03

perl /opt/scripts/device/bone/ |grep P8.03