GPIO Power Cycle on boot

This may not be a BBB specific thing but when the board gets power the GPIO pins cycle from low to high or high to low. I know this because my relay triggers when power is completely lost and restored not on reboot. The problem is this controls our garage door and I don’t want it triggering and opening the door when the power flashes or goes out for a few hours when we’re not home. Is there a way to prevent the board from doing this?

Other option is getting a UPS for the board which is a bit overkill.

This is all controlled via the SW. So it should me manageable You can also apply gated buffers on the outputs of the GPIOs and gate them on and off under a separate control line, one that does not go up and down. Check the datasheet for each pin. It tells you the default state of each pin on power up. Pick whose default state is the polarity you need.