GPIO.Setup(XX_XX, IN) Failing

I am fairly new to Beaglebone and have both the BB AI and the BBB Rev C. I have had some success with some programs but am doing my first program where I needed a GPIO pin to read a switch state. Specifically to detect when a switch goes from high to low.

I am using Python and IDLE 3

My Sketch is as follows

import Adafruit_BBIO.GPIO as GPIO

GPIO.setup(“P8_10”, GPIO.IN)


The error I get back when I am running the code is Set GPIO Mode Failed, Mission File, or Invalid Permissions.

I am sure there is a simple fix here, and I have been searching the internet forums looking for something but I just have not seen anything that works. As a last resort reflashed the card, but to no avail. Any thoughts?

Note, as far as I know, the Adafruit BBIO libs are not supported with the BB AI. There is a pin-out difference between the BB AI and BB Black, so the code will not work on both.

You might try the Adafruit Blinka lib with the BB AI but I have not attempted this:

For the BB Black, you might want to look at the docs at Adafruit on how to use the BBIO libs:



Thanks for the response.

I’ve played with the Adafruit_Blinka, but I was hitting the wall.

Why python library should I be using for the BB AI? I am going to plug in my older BBB Rev C and mess with that to see if the same issue happens. I was hoping to go with the newer board, maybe it’s too new and does not have the support ironed out?