GPIO Value

I want to control GPIO ports of Beaglebone AI-64.
when i am trying to set gpio value i can not complete the task. That means always it shows its default value zero. I used below command for setting value to gpio port(P8_07)
root@AI64:/sys/class/gpio# echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio315/value
But i can change direction…please help me…

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gpioinfo and then use your Python3 or C/C++ script to handle it.

Or…one could try to use GPIO with sysfs if it is still around on your kernel…


P.S. The libgpiod-dev code needs specifics and the docs. at have some ideas. If you can, try to clone the repo and then look for gpiod. They should have some small scripts to get you started and if that does not work, try to set the GPIO with this site online:

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Ok…Thank you!!!

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