GPIO with Pulldown (muxed 27) reads HIGH when disconnected

Good evening!

I have manged to get a device tree compiled and loaded at boot, but am having an odd issues with a GPIO pin (48, P9-15, PINS 16) that when looked at through …/44e10800.pinmux/pins says it’s muxed with a pull-down(00000027), but always reads ~1.54 volts when disconnected from all other hardware, and the result is a 1 or high reading when cat’d through /sys/class/gpio/gpio48/value. This has been confirmed on 3 different boards.

This is an Element14 Rev C board running the 3.8.13-bone47 kernel (Debian).

Has anyone seen this (or similar) behavior before?

I’ve scanned the FAQ and similar posts, and am hoping that I have missed something.

Thank you for your help!