gpio works in system but not in hardware


i test with selfcompiled kernels (3.16.5 and 3.18.0).
I can export gpio-pins and can set/unset the values for direction and value in the /sys/class/gpio.
But on the beagleboard no pin change his state.
I.e. i will change the pin 9 on the P8-plug then i use the follow commands in the gpio-directory
echo 136 > export
echo out > ./gpio136/direction
echo 1 > ./gpio136/value

cat ./gpio136/value
it returns the value 1. Thats ok. But the pin on the board to stay at low-level.

The board works fine with a prebuild linux-installation i.e. ubuntu.

Bye Andreas

Me too, I use Ubuntu OS & I don’t know how to configure GPIO