GPSD installation on a Beaglebone Black

Has anyone been able to successfully install GPSD on a Beaglebone Black? I have been trying for a few days without success. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Not me.


I did. Read build.txt in the source dir. You need scons and chrpath.

I downloaded scons from

downloaded chpath from:


compile chrpath with
in the source folder, compile with
make install

create scons with
python install

Then go to gpsd source folder and do
in the folder, eventually followed by
scons testregress

Hi Johan,

I tried to follow your instructions but failed. I attempted to compile chrpath with ./configure but got "permission denied " , can you give me any clues as to what I have missed out?



Perhaps you should do a
“sudo -s”
command before you do all the instructions?

Most of this stuff should be done as an administrator, aka root in the Unix world.

Or am I misunderstanding you?