graphics drivers

Hi all,

Firstly, I realise that this is not strictly beagleboard only query, but I am wanting to take the great work done on the video driver side of the OMAP3 - especially re the ability to run various screen sizes, and merge that in to something that works on our hardware platform.

To explain, we are using the OMAP3 SOM-LV from LogicPD (OMAP3530/Samsung256-256 POP memory) on our own home-spun baseboard. We have a LVDS driver chip through to a 15" NEC 24bpp TFT panel.

Currently, the kernel source I have is only configured for smaller 16bit display modules. To help test our hardware - and let my US colleague travel home! we need to prove that the display circuitry will work as intended.

So, my question is, to a relative newbie at spinning my own kernel with regards to low-end board support, how hard is it to transplant the video driver related files from the kernel from mansr's repository in to the one I know I can build and run?

Many thanks