Grove adapter for PocketBeagle

I couldn't find anything like this so I had to develop it myself:

It works great in a BeagleBone Click Shield or a mikroBUS Cape, too.


I’m going to pick up a couple of these. What I really want to figure out is a nice way to crowd-source documentation on using the Grove modules.

For Blue, where connecting Grove modules is as simple as buying the right cables, I tried to document some generic starting points here:

Still, it isn’t really summarized in a way that most people “get it” and I haven’t tempted any other contributors to extend it.

Any ideas?

Otherwise, just FYI, for the official PocketBeagle Capes, we’re going to be putting them underneath the board via female headers on PocketBeagle, rather than on-top. I figure most people will get extra PocketBeagles for whatever they are trying to do, but thought I should let you know. I really love how you made these boards for mikroBUS. PocketBeagle Capes will include mikroBUS connectors on them whenever possible, along with USB host ports.