Grumpy Griffin ARMv6EL-VFP

hello sir

I have done " frisky-armv5el " well with qemu and on going to move to
beagle board

next step i plan to do " Grumpy Griffin ARMv6EL-VFP " ,but I meet some

could anybody share his working debootstrap command sample with me

like " frisky-armv5el " , but for " Grumpy Griffin ARMv6EL-VFP "
sudo debootstrap --verbose --arch arm --foreign --exclude=dash frisky

any suggestion is welcome

At this time, only frisky is supported with debootstrap scripts.
Reading the Mojo archive, it looks like they are very busy attempting
to get ubuntu 8.04 ported first, before they update the other

If you'd like to create one yourself (not easy), navigate to
/usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts and open 'frisky'

However, i do have an updated frisky-armv6el-vfp if your interested.
I should warn you thou, run it on a second sd card, (or backup your
previous), since i'm unable to get the boot correctly on any qemu or

sudo debootstrap --verbose --arch arm --foreign
--exclude=dash,handhelds-keyring frisky disk/

hello robert

thank you for your kindly explanation ,