GSoC 2010 Mentors/Org Admins: Reminder: "Pencils Down" Dates Approaching


Evidently everyone is having trouble with that link, so don’t feel bad if you can’t get to it yet. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by tomorrow morning (California time).

I have no problems accessing it, maybe it's only available to students.
Pasted the content below:

How to Provide Google with a Copy of Your GSoC Code

Last updated 27 July 2010


As a requirement for the Google Summer of CodeTM, all students who
receive passing final evaluations will need to provide a copy of the
code they produced as part of participating in the program. All
students will need to add a zipped tarball, which can include source
files, a single .diff file, multiple .diff files, binary files, etc., to
the Downloads section of a project created on Project Hosting on Google
Code, e.g. for
students working with Google as their mentoring organization for GSoC 2010.

The name of your organization's project will be, where "foo" is
your organization's short name. (If you do not know your organization's
short name, please visit the list of accepted organizations for 2010 to
get this information. You can also find a complete list of the project
repositories created for 2010 at the end of this document starting on 30

All students receiving passing final evaluations will be added as
members to the project for their particular organization and can begin
uploading their code samples after they have been added as project
members. You can use Project Hosting on Google Code using any Google
Account, so we will use the Google Account information provided when
registering for the program. We will begin sending final program
payments to all students whether or not we have a code sample on file
for you, but we will send neither t-shirt nor certificate to you until
we have received your code sample.

Any student who does not provide a code sample will be expected to
return the final program payment to us.

Code Sample File Nomenclature

Name your tarball file according to the following convention:
givennames_surnames.tar.* (e.g. Carol_Smith.tar.gz)

Very important: You must use the nomenclature above when submitting your
code. If you do not use this naming convention, chances are we are
going to have a lot of trouble finding your code sample.

How to Provide Your Sample Code


      Login using your your Google Account.

      Go to the Downloads section of the your organization's project on
Project Hosting on Google Code.

      Click on the New Download link.

      For the "Summary" field, enter your application title.

      Click on the "Browse" button to locate the file, then click the
"Submit File" button to upload.

Code Sample Timeline

Monday, 30 August 2010:

All projects for all organizations with passing students will be created
on Project Hosting on Google Code. Student can begin uploading their
code samples.

Friday, 10 September 2010: 19:00 UTC (12:00 noon Pacific Time)

"Soft" deadline for student code sample submission. What this means: if
you get us your code sample by this "soft deadline," you will be in the
first round of t-shirts to be shipped. Otherwise you'll need to wait
until we have time to do one offs.


1) I would like to continue working on my code after the August 16th
"pencils down" date. Can I include any work done after August 16th in
my code sample?

No. Please only provide a sample of the work you had done by August 16,
2010. If you would like folks to be able to take a look at further work
you have done since the deadline, please include pointers in a README file.

2) I cannot upload my code sample since the tarball is too large and
there is an upload limit. What should I do?

Contact Carol Smith at carols at google dot com for help.

3) I am not able to add my code sample to the project repository. What
should I do?

There may have been an error adding your Google account information to
the repository. Your organization administrator will be able to add you
to the project; contact him/her for help.