GSoC - 2013 Android-based boot host

Hello everyone,

My name is Rajat Jain and I am from India, currently in my final year. I have some knowledge about Java and Android Development. Apart from that, I also have some experience in C.

I came across the project titled Android-based boot host while browsing through project ideas. Having a understood very little from the idea list, I asked some elementary questions on IRC.
Having picked some keywords from the conversation, I used Google after that. Since then I am working to understand the project in a better way.

As of now, I haven’t understood the complexities of project completely, but I very much like the idea itself and would like to work on it. It would be a great experience for me.

I have a question regarding the goal of the project. The goal of the project is to “Download a Linux image from the web, and boot a BeagleBone using it over USB.” I haven’t understood meaning of “Download.”

Also if you people could guide me to understand the project basics in a better way, by stating the required technologies/prerequisites I need to know. I have gone through the links provided on the idea page and have read the documentation. But I haven’t been able to understand the technology completely because of lack of practical knowledge. What shall I do to get acquainted with these ? In short, I want to know what can I do to prove myself worthy for this project ?
I believe if I will be able to dedicate coming 10-12 days to this project, I’ll be able to prove my ability to work on it.

Looking forward for you reply.