GSOC 2013 - Interested in "Library of Arduino-compatible functions for Linux"

Thanks! Do you have any experience with embedded Linux? Would you be looking at doing the Arduino API on userspace Linux or without an OS?

Yes I already have some experience with embedded Linux I have Raspberry Pi, and during my engineer studies I had course “Multimedia Embedded Systems” where I also got teach about embedded systems, cross compilers etc. I think that I’m right person for that topic.
I also have Arduino (and that was my beginning with hardware and programming, and embedded systems at all), and I have plenty of experience in microcontrolers (my engineer studies final project was a system based on Atmel AVRs).

I looking for making that port on Linux userspace. Like there will be a package to install on BeagleBoard which will handle all the needed packages, configuration files etc. I want to this be as simple as possible. So the newcomer to BeagleBoard will just install one package (or will have it included in the distribution) and will be able to start running his/her Arduino sketches.

I will respond here for what Koen Koii response, he writes on second topic (by my mistake I started 2 the same)

Do you have a rough idea on how to approach this? Where do want to draw the line for compatibility? Do you want to include extras like usb functions using libusb?



Yes I have a complete idea how I plan to do it. First of all make Enrgia IDE to interact with BeagleBoard. Next my milestone is to port all the basic Wring/Arduino API to Linux calls. In ideal case I’m thing about as much as possible using of existing elements in Linux kernel/software tools.
Next important thing will be porting the Serial library to Linux pseudo terminals, cause it is widely used in Arduino ecosystem. Next will be analog and more complex functions like PWM, LiquidCrystal library or SD for files handling. I also thinking about porting some extras like Ethernet library or keyboard/mouse emulating.
My goal is to make the most standard Arduino libraries, which has equivalents in BeagleBoard hardware to be usable using Arduino API and Enrgia IDE.

Marcin Jabrzyk

I’m bzyx on #begale.

PS. Sorry for any English mistakes it’s not my primary language :slight_smile:

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