GSoC 2015 : Project Proposal

Hello Everyone!

Respected Sirs,

My name is Satyavrat Wagle,
I am a student of Instrumentation and Control Engineering at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, in my final year of Undergraduate study.

My proposed idea is a centralized home automation unit based on BBB hardware backend custom built per client.
All aspects of domestic life can be controlled and fine tuned to suit the occupant’s lifestyle. using the BBB, these trends can be learnt and implemented to automate domestic life.
The variety of signal processing capabilities on the BBB make it an ideal central data processing unit for the idea. Along with a wide range of sensors and actuators, we have the potential of turning a home into a “smart home” (for the lack of a less cheesy term).
The project is aimed at a global population as the automated home will not only increase comfort and standard of living, but also reduce resource wastage, a dire need in today’s world.

I aim to use BBB and Arduino/Atmega32 as the hardware backbone of the project, along with low power sensors and actuators.
Programming languages I intend to use are Embedded C for Arduino/Atmega and Python for the BBB.

Currently, I have completed part of this idea as part of my third year project.
My core area of expertise is Embedded Systems and their interfacing. In my third year, I have developed a kitchen automation system based on the Atmega16 microcontroller (similar to the Arduino Uno) that communicates with a Raspberry Pi to provide a full fledged web-based alarm and control system on a cell phone or laptop. I have applied for a provisional patent for the same.
I have also conducted 2 Arduino workshops in colleges in my vicinity. They are for; Development of Embedded Control Systems using Arduino and Matrix Animation using Arduino. The latter one was done in conjunction with IEEE.

I have had considerable experience in both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and basic knowledge of Java based Android app development.

My field of study has allowed me to be familiar in almost all aspects of embedded system development, along the duration of my course, I have worked on linear and rotary displacement sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, CO2 and LPG gas sensors, Force sensors and their development as well as communication protocols including but not limited to Bluetooth,GSM and WiFi. I am also proficient in Python, R and Embedded C.
I have completed a number of MOOCs with an Honour Code for Electronic Interfacing and Programming in Python.

It would be privilege to work on your project.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Satyavrat Wagle