GSoC 2015. Questions about project-idea.

Hello everyone.

I’m quiet interested in “Implementing and testing core libraries in Userspace Arduino” project, but description is very sparse, outdated (?) and seems abandoned.
As I understood, main idea is to reimplement Arduino libs as userspace Linux libs, through the use of corresponding Linux APIs.

I’m a this-semester-graduading student (Far Eastern Federal University; Russia, Vladivostok; Computer Science, obviously).
I have some expirience with Arduino and currently writing my evaluation work with ROS above RPi.
So, I think I could be useful for this task.

So, my main questions are:

  • Is this project still “alive”?
  • Is there any promoted mentor for this project at the moment?
  • As it’s 3rd time this project proposed, and lots of work already done, can anyone give me some more details about project?

Best Regards

Roman Titov

Hi Roman,

Me and Parav worked on this project in '13. The idea was to get code written for Arduino working on the BeagleBone Black. We were successful with this, and bits and pieces of this are being used by Intel for their boards, as well as Arduino for the upcoming Tre. Crystalfontz America has a port of this for their particular boards too.
This project is live.
David Anders (prpplague), mdp (Matt Porter) and bradfa (Andrew Bradford) mentored me and Parav (hatguy) for this project. Perhaps the same mentors might be interested. Visit IRC for more details.
To get started you could try out the project which is available inside the latest debian images. There is plenty of work that can still be done. There are a lot of libraries for Arduino that can be added. Also new ones, which are specific to the BBB, can be written (CAN for example) too.