Hello everyone,

I am a second year student and have started working with embedded systems recently. I have basic knowledge about programming of embedded systems (for avr and aurdino) and want to work over big projects with you guys.

Can anyone guide me for GSOC?



Our first step is to update our ideas page. Check out what we have now and previous years and make suggestions.

I went through the ideas and found that Android_based remote control most appropriate for me. I have basic knowledge of android and have made few apps , one is there on my Github account .

I checked the links given there and right trying to get familiar with android accessory development kit, we can work on bluetooth implementation mentioned there.But I need some help for running android accessory development kit.

Hi Aman,

This project has been taken up during last gsoc and I’m afraid that the amount of work left may not be enough to be another gsoc project. Take a look at these repositories. If you are interested, you are welcome to contribute.

Linux module:

Android app:



Thanks for your quick response. I went through the modules given by you and I agree with you , that not work is left on that topic.

I checked out the ideas again , found that aurdino libraries modification for starterware task appropriate for me. But when I was going through the libraries of Energia (existing project ) I found that they were modified within last few days and a lot of work has been done .

So I want to know , can I proceed on it ? or Is it also out of list ?



I believe that too has been completed. Not sure though.