GSoC 2016 - OpenHybrid for BeagleBoard

Hi ,

I am V Mohammed Ibrahim , pre-final year Computer Science student
I would like to propose a new project that i would like to do for GSoC , i am currently contributing to a project called OpenHybrid , a project from MIT Media Lab
the platform is fully funtional on Arduino Yun and is in prototype stage on Raspberry pi, For GSoC 2016 , i would like to develop an interface for openhybrid on the beagle board.
Any mentors here who can guide me on this ?


Please do post some details of what you would actually plan to accomplish.

I looked into the openhybrid platform a little bit - it seems like the primary part of it is the AR mobile app? What would the component on the BeagleBone actually consist of? Would it be a simple port of some Arduino code? How would you spend the 4 months of GSoC?

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply,
The AR app is called Reality Editor,
The BeagleBoard part is the core of Openhybrid , a nodejs server ( this can be used as it is ) on a linux platfrom , but it needs a hardware interface for the beagleboard to access the GPIO .
That is what is will be doing for the GSoC , it is not a port , the code will be in nodejs and it will have a library for the IDE ,to call the interface functions using IDE , you can find some harware interfaces here
Each hardware needs a separate interface .
I have not worked on a beagleboard before so i am nor sure how much time is needed or effective it will be , so i will have to do good research on it as well using the GSoC time but after some searching i found a node js library to control GPIO of beagleboard which can be used for the project.
I was actually planning to do GSoC for Openhybrid itself , but could not do it as we did not apply to this year GSoC due to the less documentation available , we had just started the documentation work at the time

Hi Mohammed

Node.js runs on the Black. Controlling GPIOs using JS is a done thing. Check out bonescript on github.
As such the amount of efforts that you will have to put in GSoC to do this are quite less.
Adding new functionality to the OpenHybrid project would be great, but won’t benefit the Beagle community as such.

I suggest that if you are interested to work on porting something to the beagleboard*, you should find something which will benefit heavily from the capabilities of the beagle hardware : things like PRU or the all new DSPs on the X15.


Take a look at bonescript:

That node.js library ships with the BeagleBone and provides APIs for GPIO, ADC, PWM, I2C, etc… With that in mind, can you provide a bullet list of the software steps required for this project?

My concern here is that it would consist of plugging together some pre-existing pieces and would just require some glue code, which would not be enough for a GSoC project. (FYI documentation, tutorials and demos are also important components of a GSoC project).

The steps required are :

  1. Study the nodejs bonescript to make interface for the openhybrid server
  2. Since the direct use of nodejs for GPIO is done using json files ( in case of the pi) we would need to build a library for the IDE used to program it normally
    The above steps would require time for study and testing even if the amount of code turns out to be less
  3. Proper Documentation and tutorial for installing the Openhybird on the beageboard
  4. tutorial for using the interface for GPIO ( openhybrid is not yet very user friendly ,but we have a helpful forum)

If this project fails to be evaluated as GSoC material i am interested to do other projects also,so please guide me to another project that i could take up if needed, i cannot propose new project as i am not familiar with the beagle board
my areas of experience are in Python , C++ ,C and is ready to learn anything else required