GSoC 2016 timeline

I guess we should start adding new ideas to the list :slight_smile:
Unless that has already started!

There is no good (opensource) oscilloscope. I think it’s an interesting idea for a project. Unfortunately, a high-speed ADC is necessary. PRU would be great for communication with ADC. Trigger system, strengthening and regulating channels needs professional approach as well. It’s just a loose suggestion.

For an O-scope type application, you need more the the ADC. There is a lot of
signal conditioning (scaling, AC/DC coupling, filtering) needed. Even then,
the BW is limited. Sampling at best is around 30-50MHz using the PRU. FWIW, I
have a "high speed" ADC attached to a PRU. This is the easy part.

But keep in mind GSoC is a software targeted program. If you can keep this as
a largely software project....

Yeah, let’s not even go down this path. No hardware projects. If you want to contribute software to sigrok, propose that. Using something like the Acme capes would be rather welcome and the org could buy that. Let’s not make new hardware design a requirement that will stall the project.

I completely reset the ideas page. I need volunteer mentors to register themselves and those potential mentors to add ideas.