Gsoc 2016

Hello sir,

I am Omprakash Patra from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India. Currently, I am a junior year student, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.I have been working on beaglebone black from last two years . I have been developing an balloon satellite from last summer which is for gas monitoring of the upper atmosphere . there are sensors like GSM,GPS, GSM, IMU ,TEMP,gas sensors (MQ4,MQ6,MQ8,optical dust sensor etc ). My duty in the team to write all c++ libraries for all the sensors and send them in JSON format packet in beaglebone black development board . The software part of my project almost done only the image transfer through XTEND module is left .Other than that AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle ) and UAV are two big projects in which i am working on in my institute, I am trying to use ROS system in beaglebone board for AUV . I also worked on image processing , control system, stereo vision for those projects .

I just go through your idea page and the projecct idea #process sensor data in real time and #BeagleBone Blue APIS is coming under my area of interest , So this project is very interesting and strongly wish to contribute for the same .so what notable contribution can I make before the time for applications begins ?

Omprakash patra