GSoC 2017 Proposal

Dear Mentors,

My name is Indumathi Duraipandian and I am studying Master in Information technology at Fachhochschule, Kiel. I am interested in developing the AVB protocol stack for the beagle boards, similar to the idea proposed in the project ideas for GSoC 2017 ( I have attached my proposal herewith for your kind consideration.

My IRC nick: indu

Thanks and Best Regards,

ProposalforBeagleboneGSoCProject.pdf (82.2 KB)

I have completed the helloworld task of cloning, cross compiling, executing in arm platform (qemu emulation) and creating a pull request for the changes from the example repo.

→ The cross compiled binary “helloworld.bin” is attached here.

→ The forked github repo is at “”.

→ I have also attached the qemu emulation logs “qemulog.txt” showing the executon at the end.

→ The binary was built with the cross compiler “gcc-linaro-6.3.1-2017.02-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf” from linaro.

→ The qemu-system-arm for the beagle platform was built from the qemu-linaro source.

→ The beagle linux image for the emulation was created from the linaro-n linux binary and the hwpack for the OMAP3 ARM environment using the linaro-media-create tool.

→ The cross compiled binary was added to the beagle image by mounting the image as a loopback disk.

helloworld.bin (3.79 MB)

qemulog.txt (19.3 KB)