GSoC 2018

Hi! I am particularly interested in two (very different) projects
1 - BeagleBone CubeSat Software Platform integration
2 - Getting Started Materials for PocketBeagle.

I would like to hear from the possible mentors for this project: What are you expecting from these projects? How can I improve my knowledge on the subjects required for these projects? (I have read from the sources on eLinux already). How would a good proposal look like?

Bruno, I am familiar with the project a bit for : Getting Started Materials for PocketBeagle - we are very interested to have more instructional/educational materials for PocketBeagle. this includes materials for new to programming users. Project could include updates to the Bone101 to incorporate PocketBeagle. Also The BeagleBone Blue Control libraries to run on PocketBeagle.
I also have seen some nice materials for beginners here:
What’s needed for educational materials is a look from the perspective of a teacher and also from a student perspective - what could be the sw and hw examples that would bring a new user/student up to speed- perhaps to be adopted by instructors for courses.

best regards,