[GSoC 2019] Any interest in expanding upon the PocketBeagle calculator?

I tried posting earlier today but I guess the post didn’t come through, so let me try again.

When reading the ideas for GSoC 2019 the one about the calculator caught my attention; now for ethical reasons I’m not too keen on working on a project that would mostly amount to another way to cheat at tests.

But what I would be very interested at working on is the design of an open source calculator based on the PocketBeagle; With the only other open calculator -that actually has a calculator format- being the Numworks I’d guess there might be space for another project like this; And with the extra processing power a PocketBeagle has -when compared to the Numworks Cortex-M processor- it should be possible to do something interesting like making a frontend that receives the inputs and passes them to a more feature packed computer algebra system like Maxima, all while receiving the answers back and plotting in a nice calculator style display. That would be something really interesting.

Now the question remains if there is interest from the community on something like that since an open source project no one cares about seems kind of pointless.