GSoC-Adding Sense to Beagle

Hello everyone, I am Dinesh Vyas, engineering student with electronics
major. I am interested to work with community as a part of GSoC
project. I have good hands on experience of working with
microcontrollers and have worked upon a multi touch table based on NUI
group prototype. From the ideas list I loved the "Adding Sense to
Beagle" since my previous work experience includes user interface and
to some extend HCI . I would like to discuss the scope of project
related to hardware and software part and setting up milestones. Can
anyone jump in for discussion? . Looking forward for a great

There has already been a bit of discussion of this topic on the IRC
channel (

I think that you should feel free to propose any sensors that you
think could be useful. The set of sensors utilized by Android might
be a good start and give a good integration point. Weather sensors
(temp, pressure, wind speed/direction, etc.) might be a good addition.

The most important part to me is that this is something that can be
reproduced. Using off-the-shelf sensors would help with that. Being
sure to add value with new drivers and apps are important to making
your project valuable. Think about how this could apply to industrial
controls or how it could be useful in every household. If I had your
code and design materials, would it be worth my time to install one of
these in my house? The thermostat idea goes a bit further to make it

For pure environmental sensing and human-machine interfaces, think
about how this could be used to control existing applications or some
aspect of a compelling demonstration application, even if it is just
to create art. Can I use a heat sensor to draw on the wall with a
pico projector? Can I interpret gestures that make it easier to
navigate complex content or to edit files?

Does that help at all?

An interesting site on home automation is:
What I personally would find very appealing is a user configurable
thermostat (probably with touch screen), but I never got to doing the
electronics, and I guess the Mrs would not be too happy if I fiddle or
break our heating system (which is also responsible for the warm water
supply for showering).


Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:

An interesting site on home automation is:
What I personally would find very appealing is a user configurable
thermostat (probably with touch screen), but I never got to doing the
electronics, and I guess the Mrs would not be too happy if I fiddle or
break our heating system (which is also responsible for the warm water
supply for showering).

just hope it will be a *warm* summer of code then :slight_smile:


I'm also interested in the Adding Senso to Beagle. I'm a 5th year
Industrial Engineer specialized in Automation. I have a lot of interest
in the fields of Signal Processing and it seems like this project would
be a good opportunity to get around to improving my Signal Processing

Two of the major usages that jump to my head right away would be:

Home Automation (domotics)
The beagle with some simple add on electronics could be responsible for
example of handling the lights in a house. Using motion detection and
light detection it could turn on or off lights automatically as you go
by them. Of course this might prove problems if you have a cat or some
other nocturnal animal.
Following the same example motion detection could be used to have music
follow you around the house. Of course both these cases involve a
complex set up.
A more simple and realistic set up could be thermostat control. Using a
couple of temperature sensors around the house it could try to handle
the heating.

Linux embedded boards are being more common in robotics every day. In
fact I've been working on a project that has been using the Gumstix
(PXA270) platform for small mobile humanoid robots. The sensors in this
case would be more worried about spatial positioning, meaning infrared,
sonar, or contact sensors. Of course there are many types of robots so
that doesn't exclude gyros, accelerometers, heat sensors and the likes.

I'm sure there's many more usages I fail to think of. I"m curious
however as to what most people on this list would think useful sensors
are? It would be good to know a bit what people would expect out of this
project to be able to think of a good proposal on what to do. There are
so many interesting things to be done with sensors!



I want to make a voice controlled embedded device working as a personal
assistant to the user. Internet is a vast hub of information
but sitting in front of computer and getting information is
useful to only some extent,information is more useful
when it can be used in day to day life. An embedded
personal assistant using internet as its knowledge base to
answer our queries is what we are proposing. There are a
lots of services available on internet which provides exact
information to the user queries rather then a bunch of
search results, using these services, this embedded device
can answer to many of the user queries as a real human
being. These service includes answer engines, which
provides answers not the results, querying to it will give
A two piece embedded device responding to user you a result or no
result, means 0 or 1. These answer
queries using internet as its knowledge base engines can be used in
an embedded device, making them
more useful for users, other services like Google maps,
Google business etc provides similar results. The beauty of
this project is that the usefulness of these service
increases a manifold by embedding them into hardware. Its like
providing the information exactly when it is needed
instead of making the getting information as a separate
task. The device being a personal assistant can do a lots of
things other then providing information and solving user
query, it can give suggestions, it can assist in managing
schedules, meeting etc. It can work as a social network
device, can update twitter, facebook etc status, read out tweets, by
user voice query, making this task more
obvious, then to go and type what are you doing.
     I will use temperature sensor , GPS , GSM ,speech recognition in my
device so I would like to add it on the 'adding sense to beagle' . I
would like to know whether anyone has ever started such a project so
that i can acquire a basic idea of the path i need to trace to reach
my goal .

I would be grateful to the one for providing me suggestions on my work.

Dinesh, have you heard back from any of the mentors yet?
Have you seen the TI speech recognizer software released recently ?
It may be useful to you
"The TI Embedded Speech Recognizer (TIesr) is a set of fixed-point
implementing speech recognition. It balances resource usage,
robustness to
environment, and performance, and has an easy-to-use interface. This
TIesr an excellent recognizer for developing a wide variety of voice-
enabled embedded applications. "

- Cathy -

no i havn’t heard from any of the mentors yet .
does this TI speech recognizer software has the compatibility and features as that of in jullius speech recognizer. :slight_smile:


this is last moment for the submission of my project :slight_smile:
so I request a feedback of my proposal from mentors or members or non GSoC members of community beagle.

Waiting for your Quick response


Dinesh: Did you get any reply from GSoC? Were you selected for GSoC? I am interested in something very similar.