GSoC - Android-based remote display and keyboard

Hello there,

My name is Kristina Gancheva and I currently study Informatics at Hanze University, the Netherlands. It’s my last year before graduating, so I hopped to participate in the GSoC. From all announced project ideas, only one really grabbed my attention! It was, as you’re probably guessing, the idea for Android-based remote display and keyboard.

This project idea was “The One”, not only because of my interest in BeagleBone and Android, but because of all possibilities for applications based on this project. You can think here about controlling robots via Android GUI, different types of house automation and security, even about applications in the health care. I was also thinking of an application for controlling BeagleBone from Pebble watch or Google Glass.

If I get the chance to work on this project I will try to concentrate my work on connecting the BeagleBone with Android device and letting them communicate, implementing a remote display and keyboard on Android and adding “Pebble” or “Google Glass” functionality to BeagleBone. The last one of course will depend on the mentors’ decision and available hardware. :slight_smile:
I have two Android devices (a telephone and a tablet) and Pebble watch with which I can experiment. I have even purchased my BeagleBone few weeks ago!

I have rich experience in Java and Android. I can say that I’m good in Python and familiar with C and Assembly. (I’ve build Cruise Control app in C and implemented a counter using PWM in Assembly which I tested on Arduino.) I’m interested in new technologies, AI, robotics, big data and complex algorithms. I hope my knowledge will help me in this project but considering my lack of experience in working with BeagleBone I will appreciate all your help guys! That’s also the reason for me to ask if someone of you will have the time and interest to mentor the project this summer.

I hope to hear from you soon and discuss all your ideas and suggestions about this project.