[GSoC idea] CarPC projects

The camera would still require a power source regardless if it was wireless
or hard wired. If it was powered from a 12v wired from the vehicle, or
only needed one wire for the power, as the gnd would just be from a metal
part of the vehicle

Yeah, I just mean the energy loss during transmission, not the actual power

wouldnt it being wireless eliminate issues of having
a long shielded cable trying to block noise interface in data

I still think that the answer to this question depends on individual case. I
might be conservative but I don't see why use wireless when a stationary cable
would do. Although whereas fighting noise becomes relevant, wireless is
invaluable. Hence, I'm all up for supporting both options, even though I may
not have the motive to use wireless communications in my own car.

On a side note, can anyone confirm that BeagleBoard was not accepted to GSoC
this year?

Was there a successful project outcome to all of this?

How was the Beagleboard powered in the end?

Was a way of getting an AM/FM receive controlled and routed via the beagleboard found?

What does the end project look like?

I can’t wait for the next installment!