GSoC mentor evaluation for BeaglePilot


What is the holdup? We need your evaluation today!

Also, we created a Monday meeting at 1:30 AM my time to try to have
your team participate, but no one from the BeaglePilot team joined. We
need to improve our interactions. Please let me know the best way to
stay in touch with you.


Hi Jason,

I’ll have a meeting with Andrew in a few hours. I’ll remind him the evaluation.

Regarding Monday’s extra-meetings there’s probably been a misunderstanding. I thought it was meant to be for students that had issues with their GSOC projects. If not the case I apologize. If you wish to have more insight into BeaglePilot’s progress maybe you can join us in our weekly meeting? (happening in a few hours, Friday’s at 7.30 UTC+1).



The purpose of the meeting was to get extra communication going, in
part to help struggling students, but the time was selected to include
BeaglePilot because there isn't any other cross-project collaboration
in which BeaglePilot is participating... resulting in delays like

I see.

My mistake then. Apologies. I just informed the group through our Skype group (btw Jason, i’d be happy to include you in, I believe Joel is already following up there).

I will do my best to make it Monday’s meetings.
Best regards

Please. My skype id is 'jkridner'.

Hi Jason,

I've now done the evaluation. I should also be able to make this Mondays

Cheers, Tridge