GSOC proposal: Beagle-ROS

Hi everybody,

I’d like to share my proposal
If anybody feels like giving some feedback it will be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,


I’d like to add to my precious request if there might be somebody interested about mentoring my proposal. If so please contact me and i’d provide more information.

Nobody has any opinion regarding this “BeagleROSing” stuff?


Victor - have you been on the IRC chat with your GSoC idea to get any mentoring advice to refine/strengthen your application? I see there are several mentors there right now.

beaglefan and co-admin GSoc


Thousand thanks for your suggestion. I’ll do as you say :).


Just to make sure that i’m in the right place, you mean the #beagle-gsoc channel, right?



I’m trying to get in touch with Koen Kooi. I’d like to know if he might be interested in supervising my proposal

In case somebody else is interested in the topic, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,



I'm trying to get in touch with Koen Kooi. I'd like to know if he might be interested in supervising my proposal

Ah, I missed your email, sorry about that. Your proposal looks good to me.



Great! Thanks for your answer.
Looking forward to see how this turns out.

Best wishes,


Here it goes my first report:
since it’s the first time, i will clarify the project sources:

Regarding the report:

What has been accomplished?:


  • It seems ROS nodes doesn’t start properly. This is an issue previosly opened in the meta-ros project I’m actively working to find a solution with the meta-ros guys but it might take a while since this issue has been open for some time already.

  • catkin_make doesn’t work. Neither it does going through the process manually
    Plans for the next week:

  • Adress the first issue. Try to make the ROS nodes start properly. Some debugging will be necessary.

  • Address catkin_make issue.

  • complete the rosping milestone

  • keep working in the roadmap planned (ROS tutorials for now).

Any comments/suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks