GSoC2014 Upstreaming Kernel Patches

Hi, GSoCers,

My name is Jianguo WEI, I am a post-graduate student from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. I have been using BeagleBoard C4 more than 3 years for my embedded courses as well as research on low-power&energy-management. Some kernel patches from the BeagleBoard and Open-source community help me a lot in my work, so now I am thinking to put some effort to give back to the community :slight_smile:
Well, GSoC is such a good opportunity, and the ideas on Upstreaming Kernel Patches caught my eyes!

Generally, I am interested in upstreaming any kernel patch as listed in patches needing to be pushed. However, in this link, it is not quite clearly stated which patches have already been upstreamed. As far as I know, some works on IIO, ADC, PMIC, LCD debug have been done last year by Zubair Lutfullah[1].

Specifically, I am quite concerned on patches on PMIC, PWM and CPUfreq, in other words, all patched related to power management, voltage and frequency scaling.
Actually, my lab-mates and me have programed some drivers by ourselves to operate on the registers and to regulate the voltage&frequency of the MPU and IVA2.2 subsystem.
Recently, we also have tried to add the AVS&SmartReflext support on mainline Lunix kernel through the instructions in this link [2], but found that the related patches are first, only available for certain RC versions of 3.4 and 3.6,
and then, only applicable to TI PMICs. Besides, we found the way how AVS&SmartReflext works somewhat interferes the operation of a PMC interface named PAPI (probably few people know it and never mind about it), the problem is more detailed in this link [3]. The TI engineers said that some efforts have to be done in the near future to upstream the patches to the mainline kernel tree, one of their idea goes in this link [4].
I am wondering if any work can be done in this direction to generate general patches of AVS&SmartReflext support that can be upstreamed to the Linux mainline, is this too ambitious for the 3 month period of GSoC?

This is my first time participating GSoC, suggestions and comments are more than welcomed :slight_smile:

Jianguo WEI