GSoC2015: Library of Arduino-compatible functions for StarterWare


I’m Toshifumi NISHINAGA, student of Kanazawa University in Japan.
I’m experienced embedded software development, [published a book in Japan which is about howto begin programming on Rasberry Pi without OS.(see following URLs:

I’m thinking to apply GSoC this year in with the idea “Library of Arduino-compatible functions for StarterWare”, I have two question about this:

  • To implement Arduino like APIs, I suppose I don’t need to write a code which directly to access devices on SoC since we have StarterWhere, is it right?
  • Do I need to support more recent hardware not just BBB, such as new BeagleBoard(C6x core)?


You will need to write code that will wrap around the code in starterware using arduino-like functions. This will allow one to use existing Arduino code on the BBB using the Energia project.
(Have you checked out the Energia project ?)
Also, check the logs of #beagle-gsoc on IRC. jkridner discussed last week what he would like a good proposal for starterware-arduino project to have (