gstreamer-1.0 on beagle board!!

hi friends,
I cross compiled the gstreamer-1.0 for beaglebone using arm-arago-linux-gnueabi toolchain. I followed these links>>

in the link he used scratchbox2 and gstreamer version is 0.10, but I didn’t use scratchbox2 and for me gstreamer version is 1.0.2
as per the link I cross compiled the follwing packges>>

1.libffi v3.0.11
2.glib v2.34.1
3.gstreamer v1.0.2
4.liboil v0.3.17
5.alsalib 1.0.13
6.libogg 1.3.1
7.libtheora 1.1.1
8.libvorbis 1.3.3
9.orc 0.4.18
11.gst-plugins-base v1.0.2
12.gst-plugins-good v1.0.2
13.gst-plugins-bad v1.0.2
14.gst-plugins-ugly v1.0.2

the result is, I’am able to run the gstreamer tools on the beaglebone as gst-inspect-1.0 , but the outcome is this>>