Gstreamer on BB.

Hi everyone!

I have certain problems with getting gstreamer working on my BB. Okay, I can get it working when I give commands directly via terminal, but the thing I want is to cross-compile program with code in itself that would call gstreamer. I manage to do that on my PC under Linux, but when I cross compile it, I get a lot of “unsafe cross-compilation” warnings and eventually exit status.

Can anyone point to me to place where I can found some code that can be actually cross-compiled. I want to snapshot one 240x320 image on demand in gray-scale.


“but when I cross compile it, I get a lot of “unsafe cross-compilation” warnings and eventually exit status.”

Hi !
First did you manage to compile the dependencies (glib, lixml2, etc…). ?
If not you should.
Now it must be because you don’t have the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable set to your embbeded rootfs so that the pkg-config search in you host path.
Anyway if the variable is correctly set the configure script would tell you about missing libs.

Good luck !

I always wonder , why you dont use buildroot ?

Since openwrt and a lot of opensource project use this, or based on this , like ADI Linux SDK

with it , You can build your own cross compile enviroment so easy .


2012/10/9 bizulk <>

Hi bizulk!

Thank You for your replay.

Yes, actually compiler complains about glib-2.0 and, gstreamer-0.10 and libxml2 not being safe for cross-compilation. So I need to compile these dependencies… Unfortunately, I entered this world of linux and BB rather recently, and I am not so sure how to do that.

As the PKG_CONFIG_PATH concerning, I’m sure I can find those information somewhere on net…

It’s pleasure to work when there are people who want to help!

Okay, I found this blog, and I guess it’s going to be useful:

As liyaoshi said, unless you have a good reason for it and are used to cross-compilation, it is better to use buildroot.
I did my own compilation for some particular reasons, but I’d rather use these factories that does embbeded many patches for getting things to work on particular platforms.

Thanks for suggestions guys. I manage to solve my problems with the tutorial which I mentioned in my last post. Now I have other problems and I will address this forum again :slight_smile: