GStreamer plugins for Beagle


In one of my recent chats with Khasim, I figured that I will need to use the GStreamer plugins from TI to be able to use the media capabilities of OMAP during video playout - otherwise, all the media processing will happen on the ARM core only.

Are these GStreamer plugins available as binaries somewhere? I checked the TI website and it recommended that I download and build these plugins. However, the sources required TI’s DVSDK and that seems to come at a (huge) cost.

Are these already integrated into Angstrom Demo for Beagle?

I am using Debian.

Hi Radha,

These exist in Angstrom (1), i just haven't converted/built them for
ubuntu/debian yet. I'm thinking i can build them very similar to the
SGX modules.. Note: I haven't personally tested them either so I don't
know it's actual capabilities...