H264 HP Video decoding with OAMP3530-DSP codecs

Hii All,

I have to play a externally encoded H264 video file with OAMP3530-DSP codecs. Using dvsdk 4_01_00_09 and installed successfully and lastly all of the sample videos (comes with dvsdk in data directory) are being played successfully. But when i try to play H264-HP video;
→ encode/decode
→ video_decode_io2_omap3530.x470MV
→ gstreamer

all of three solutions are failing with different error logs outputs. I want to learn that there is any body can play H264 High Profile video with OMAP3530 DSP codecs? If yes could you share me how and give some pointers?

I think only commercial codecs can do that

I am not 100% sure, but I think dvsdk 4_01_00_09 does not support High Profile video.

You can check the included documentation and codec datasheet on the package for more details.

Marco Casaroli