Hamachi LogMeIn in Angstrom?

While attempting to install Hamachi LongMeIn, I was prompted that it needs lsb. The best I can find, after some Googling, is this Running Hamachi on beaglebone black, which is Ubuntu specified. I’m wondering is it possible, with a moderate amount of effort, I can get Hamachi running with Angsrom? I need to set up a communication with my Beaglebone connected to 3G network, so the straight forward way would be to use existing services like Hamachi. But I lack sufficient knowledge as to decide the effort behind. Because I’m working on a time-sensitive project, I need to decide if I should switch approach. Could someone gives hind? Any thought would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, there is a same unanswered question on unix.stackoverflow.

I would avoid hamachi logmein has moved to a pay model, while hamachi is still “free” if you run it as a service you have to pay $29 or something a year. I would find a better OpenSource/Free alternative.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m planing to build a server myself someday, but right now I just want some quick test with existing services. Could you offer some specific recommendation? I have no clue for alternatives. I don’t really mind paying the services with moderate price, after all, they need to maintain the transfer server. BTW, I think I’m in the category of “personal use” :smiley:


Try OpenVPN, it worked for me: https://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html

Thanks a lot for the recommendation, I'll definitely try OpenVPN
latter when I'm using a Internet IP address. However, right now, both
my BBB and my server is running under NAT, actually both connected to
3G network( which is interesting :D), so the only option I see is to
seek for existing tunnel services like Hamachi, or to build a transfer
server myself.