Hang on when "Loading u-boot.bin from mmc"

Now it works :slight_smile: Thank you both very much.

About memory, I saw mentioned site. There is “The memory partitioning for this as used on BeagleBoard: …” I would like rather to know if it based on some memory map or something like that. What is the origin of that numbers, SDRAM and NAND. I suppose that SDRAM “fatload” part is related with OMAP35x Technical Reference Manual (site 201) where is general memory map(lot of that table is not understanding for me but I see some relevant numbers). But sometimes we can see 0x80000000 and here 0x82000000. And also why writing MLO four times? To fill all that space designed for MLO suggested on http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardNAND. Then why U-boot is to 0x00170000, not 0x00260000.
Im beginner in embedded systems and its just my curiosity. If you have time to clarify that I would be thankful.


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