has any one in India recieved the beagle board distributed by cranes s/w

Has any one recived the beagle board. How much delay does it take
after you plave the request

I tried with both DigiKey and Cranes - the Cranes guys are not able to
specify any definite period within which they would be able to supply
the board; that might be because they too are getting it from DigiKey
and DigiKey still seems to have some kind of export restrictions ....
Anyway, let's wait for more reports from others in India.


Hi Pramode,

Hi i ordered my board from cranes software india 5 days back. They
said it will take 3-4 weeks.

I don't know the recent status with digi-key. I have ordered from
digi-key about 3wks back and it arrived in India without any problems.


It seems weird - the DigiKey guys are telling me that the item is now
under "export control" and I can't get it from them!! The Cranes
salespeople too are not responding (which means they too are having
the same issues with DigiKey). Maybe, somebody from TI should look
into this ...