Has anybody integrated Android USB Gadget feature on to 2.6.30 Linux kernel

Hi All,

Has anybody intgrated Android USB Gadget feature on to the Linux
2.6.30 kernel?
Because I am getting kernel panic after this & the cause for the same
is some changes done in f_mass_storage.c file. Actually in 2.6.30
kernel we need to use dev_name function instead of bus_id. so after
this changes i am getting this panic. And the reason is, here in this
function we are trying to write in const char *name pointer which is a
pointer to constant char array which we cann't change. I have made
changes to overcome this issue. But i wanted to know is there any
patch available for the same.

please let me know the any comment on this issue. I am sure everybody
will face this issue when they try to port Android USB gadget feature
on to 2.6.30 linux kernel.

Thanks & Regards,