Has anyone designed new boards based on the BBB ?

I am involved in a project to take the BBB and re-design a few parts of it to provide the following functionality :-

  1. 2 off Gigabit Ethernet channels.

  2. 1 off 10 / 100 Ethernet Channel, (this could possibly be done using a 48 Mbit/sec SPI link).

  3. A minimum of 4 in, and 10 or 12, (more if possible), out, Audio channels, (probably through one McASP I/F)…

  4. 24 bit LVDS LCD I/F, using as few I/O pins as possible. We do NOT want the HDMI I/F.

  5. 4 wire resistive Touch I/F.

  6. Keyboard input, serial preferred, USB if necessary.

  7. A VGA output would be very useful to complete the Debug I/F.

  8. 3 off RS232 or 485 Serial links.

  9. At least one PWM output, to drive the LCD Backlight.

We want the board to be a “Plug in Module” with all I/F’s going to 0.1" pitch pin headers of some sort, with the probable exception of the Gigabit Ethernet connections. The Carrier Board would provide power supplies, Audio Convertors / Codecs, etc.

We’d like the board to fit on a maximum sized PCB of 100 mm x 140 mm.

The AM3359 has 8 sets of permissible configurable I/O combinations, so one thing we would need to know is “can we have our shopping list within one of the permissible configuration sets ?”.

We’d like to know first of all if our shopping list is feasible, and if so we’d then like to ask if there is anyone out thee who could help us with this design work, particularly with some estimates of the time and costs involved in getting a small batch of prototype boards made up.

Thank you for your time and attention, I hope to hear from somebody soon :slight_smile:

Who is doing this design?


I work for a company called Troy Systems and we think that the BBB is an ideal starting point to develop a new SBC to drive our product into the future. We currently use a Sub Compact PC Board running a AMD Geode processor, but the BBC processor has MUCH lower power consumption and seems to have MUCH more capable built in Sub-system blocks such as the PRU and the McASP blocks as well as the LCD Controller.

We would either do the design work in house or contract parts of it out if needed. We would welcome anybody wanting to help us with this project and we’d be prepared to recompense them on a commercial basis.

OK. You might want to contact me direct.



if you interested you can contact me at tamilhce@gmail.com

I am interested,


I know a lot of people have. Circuitco has a lots of customers doing that, but I don’t think they would be able to give out contact information.

I am supporting about 5 people right now doing the same thing. No, I can’t say who they are. So it is up to them to respond here.